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About Us


The year of the pivot

In 2019, Reason One Productions, inc was a thriving high-end live event production company and 2020 was on pace to be our biggest year yet, until a relatively unknown virus crashed the party... LITERALLY! The event industry came to a screeching halt and our amazing crews were left with nothing to do and no income. 

At the same time the world was scrambling to identify and stop this virus in it's tracks. Testing suddenly became one of the best weapons to combat the spread of Covid-19. unfortunately there weren't enough tests and there weren't enough personnel to administer them.  

It wasn't hard to connect the dots. We had some of the hardest working people in the world  and a world that desperately needed hard working people. We partnered with Ottendorf Laboratories in an effort to help administer tests to productions and workplaces so that we all can get back to work safely and do what we do best. 

Onsite Workplace & Production  Crew Testing

Our friendly CLIA certified testers will be equipped with masks, face shields, surgical gowns and nitrile gloves to ensure the safety of all parties involved and the best part is, we'll come to you! Our testers will show up on time and be ready to begin testing at their scheduled start time. Our team strictly adheres to all HIPAA guidelines and protocols to ensure the privacy of your teams personal information and results.

Our Tests

Tests & Vaccines

Through our partnership with a Clia certified high capacity reference laboratory, Mainsail Medical offers access and support to testing programs that includes the latest antibody, saliva, antigen and pcr viral tests and test kits.  

Our partner is a high complexity Clia Certified lab that offers concierge testing program and  provides lab service management. Laboratory service management ensures complete compliance allowing clinics and medical professionals the ability to offer a point of care antibody and/or antigen testing program that is accurate, efficient and compliant.



iONEBIO has partnered with Mainsail Medical for distributing to laboratories a unique patented reagent kit for COVID-19 detection  Real-Time Reverse transcription LAMP-PCR Assay Kit

  • USA Manufacture

  • Fast 20 minute results (30 sec cycle / 40 cycles)

  • Double the capacity of your current testing (more in some applications)

  • <3 copy sensitivity LOD (Limit of Detection) ,<3 viral copy vs RT-PCR LOD 10-100 viral copies

  • Works on virtually any PCR machine  - no need for proprietary equipment

  • iLAMP is a unique patented process for COVID-19 detection 



We look forward to your COVID inquires and to answering your questions!

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